Lifelong Staple

From the library, work, office, or home set-up, EcoElectronix is the go to for reliable essentials. Built to last, Eco Electronix stands behind the high quality of our products, made with conscious and durable materials.

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Staple with Confidence

Our StaplePro is renowned as the best-selling electronic stapler on the market. Unlike other standard staplers, the StaplePro features automatic stapling. Once the paper hits the built-in sheet detection system, you're all set.

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Intentional Living, One Staple at a Time

We believe that a cleaner, safer, future is possible and it starts by small decisions by people who care – like you.

Conscious sustainability is the foundation upon which Eco Electronix is built. Together, we’re creating a movement towards sustainability, one staple at a time.

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Intentional Living One Staple At A Time

Your Purchase Makes A Difference

Backed by both our philanthropy and product craft for the planet, we’re a small business based in California. For every sale, we donate to the Rainforest Alliance and Earth Injustice.

In partnership with both organizations, we face the enormity of the social and environmental challenges together in a broad alliance. Make a purchase, make a difference.

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