8 Things to Look for in an Electric Stapler

1. Jam free

Nothing is worse than getting in the flow of stapling and being interrupted by a jammed stapler. As frustrating as this is, it’s surprisingly common for the staples to bend and become jammed. Read reviews and descriptions to make sure the stapler is “anti-jam” before making your selection.


2. Quiet

Rather than the slight crunch of a manual stapler, electric staplers have a longer and much louder sound per staple due to the automatic mechanisms inside. Look for “noise-free” or “quiet” electric staplers for your sake and the sake of your coworkers.


3. Durability

The primary need for an electric stapler comes from the high volume of uses a day. Whether you are sharing the stapler among coworkers or stapling hundreds of papers by yourself, the time-saving efficiency of an automatic stapler must be paired with long-term durability.


4. Warranty

No matter how durable the stapler may be, it is always a good idea to find one with a good warranty. Most warranties range from a few months to a lifetime warranty, like EcoElectronix, guaranteeing returns or replacement.


5. Power source

Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing an electric stapler include: Where will you be using it? How portable is it?  These answers will change how important the power source is to you. Batteries are more portable, but will need to be replaced whereas an AC power adaptor provides unlimited power at a designated range. We offer both Battery and AC power in the same stapler so you can choose which you prefer.


6. Adjustable settings

Odds are you won’t be stapling the exact same size and location every time, so you will need an adjustable electric stapler. Most automatic staplers have adjustable sliders to allow for different sizes of paper and depth of stapling.


7. Capacity (paper & staples)

A standard office will likely only need to staple about 20 papers at a time, but for larger reports you may need a heavy duty stapler which can handle up to 200 sheets. Also keep in mind the number of staples one stapler can hold. Even though reloading our electric stapler is easy, simply press the “reload” button, it is a luxury to only have to reload your automatic stapler a few times. There is also a benefit to having standard staple sizes to make repurchasing staples as easy as possible.


8. Environmentally Friendly

This is arguably the most important in today’s age. Most of the big stapler companies can certainly get the job done, but they lack the climate conscious responsibility of a lot of up-and-coming stapler companies who will staple your paper just as well, if not better. While brand recognition is big, at the end of the day, any electric stapler will staple your stack of papers, but only a couple will do so while being environmentally conscious.


Why EcoElectronix EX- 25 stapler is the best all-around option:

  • Extra Quiet & Jam Free 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • AC power or Battery compatible 
  • Variety of settings 
  • Eco Friendly 
  • Comes in 2 colors

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