5 Professions That Would Benefit from an Electric Stapler

I know what you’re thinking, “We are in a digital era, who uses staplers anymore?!” Lucky for you we’ve done a lot of research into the top 5 professions that use this seemingly archaic device on a daily basis and have a need for it to be automated.


When you pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, it usually comes in a little paper bag with an unreasonable amount of paper instructions. Who do you think staples that stack of paper? Pharmacists! They have to stapler at least 1 time per customer which can create fatigue. Electric staplers like the EcoElectronix StaplePro help pharmacists move through customers quickly without the drudgery of a manual stapler.


Most people can picture the piles of boxes filled with paperwork you see on lawyer shows. lawyer show, so you can imagine that there is someone who has to staple each and every sheet. Many firms try to go paperless, but there is a large quantity of documents to go over for any given case that even attempting to scan them becomes a task on its own. Check out this image of a pile of staples removed in just 2 months of scanning documents! People who staple law documents have much more important things to worry about than a manual stapler jam, that’s where the EcoElectronix StaplePro is here to help!

a bunch of staples 


“Stapling is my superpower” - Jennifer, Empathetic Teacher  While many classrooms move to Zoom or online submissions, the elementary teachers still must consider stapling one of their many superpowers. Whether it’s stapling a rough draft to a final draft or forgetting to put your name on all 5 papers, teachers come to the rescue stapling around 20 students’ papers daily. Jennifer makes the distinction between a “student stapler” and a “teacher stapler” and if ever there was a stapler designed for teachers it is the sleek and speedy EcoElectronix StaplePro.


Accounting is a profession where having receipts and things in writing is vital. With a lot of papers, comes a lot of stapling. From memos, letters, financial statements, etc. accountants can save time with an automatic stapler.

Artists & Designers

While everything seems to be going virtual, art remains. Graphic designers and artists create booklets, brand guidelines, portfolios, pamphlets, and more - all that need precise stapling.  EcoElectronix StaplePro offers an adjustable depth to create paper folders and books, or it can help with making a collage or inspire something new!

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