5 Gifts for Your Whole Office

Do you want to give your coworkers or employees a little something nice for the holidays, but don’t want to single anyone out? These gifts are perfect because they are something everyone can enjoy - even you!

1. Electric Stapler

Get excited to staple again! Whether you work with accounts, pharmacists, teachers, or just staple a lot of papers throughout the day, an electric stapler is the gift that keeps on giving. The Eco Electronix stapler works with either batteries or AC power source for whatever your portability needs are. It also has a lifetime warranty in case any of your coworkers get a little too carried away. 


2. Keurig

Get caffeinated and leave the “Did you make another pot of coffee?” debate behind with a new Keurig. It brews one cup at a time, each employee can choose their roast, and there is little to no cleanup. 


3. Candle or Diffuser

Whether it’s microwaved lunches or stale air from working an 8 hour day, everyone will appreciate a little scent to revive the office space. Pick scents that are energizing and mood boosting to keep morale up!


4. Cornhole

Most people can’t work for 8 hours straight at peak productivity, but having a little break to exercise for a couple minutes a day can really help you get the most out of your employees. Cornhole is a good option because it is a multiplayer game that can be stored away easily and gives everyone a chance to socialize and stretch their legs.


5. Google Home 

For under $50 get the coolest tech that everyone can benefit from. These are great for your workspace because anyone in the office can play music, ask questions, and set reminders without leaving their desk.

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